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Welcome to Captor documentation platform

In this site you will find useful technical information to become a Captor's Offspring partner.

You will find Captor general information in: Captor project site

Citizen science

This section covers information and resources explaining how to involve people in air quality problem:


If you are interested in becoming an offsprings partner you should read the requiriments and the questionnaire that we will use to support your project: How to become an Offspring partner?

Building nodes

  1. How to build a Raptor node: Raptor Building Manual
  2. How to build a Captor node: Captor Building Manual


In order to get correct measurements you need to calibrate your hardware sensors. Below links will teach you to do that for Captor and Raptor nodes:

  1. Captor calibration: Captor calibration software
  2. Raptor calibration: Raptor calibration software
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