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How to become an Offspring partner?


The Captor consortium consist of several organisations with different skills and knowledges. Following requirements should be fulfilled to start your own air quality project as a captor offspring:

  • Your organisation should already be involved in:
    • air quality OR
    • in technical innovation OR
    • in citizen science
  • You have technical and IT knowledge: One important step is the calibration of the nodes near an existing official measuring station.
  • Elaboration of a business model (e.g. by using business model canvas) for the project idea.


  1. Are you:
    • a scientific research institution
    • an NGO
    • a local community
    • a technical innovator
    • a private company
    • a private person
    • other?
  2. What is your connection to the topic “air pollution”? Do you work in this field?
  3. Why do you want to participate as a captor offspring partner?
  4. Can you describe your idea for an offspring project in a few sentences?
  5. What is your planned target group? Who do you want to address with your project idea?
  6. In order to get support for your project it should start before December 2018. Do you already know, when you are planning to start?
  7. Your requirements:
    • Do you need support on the following:
      • technical know how
      • data base know how
      • website set-up
      • networking know how
    • financing possibilities
    • hardware (Raptor/Captor)
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